ayumo Inc.

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Our Mission

Creation of a world
where everyone can walk on their own feet.

We support those struggling with mobility challenges to receive appropriate treatment
early on and contribute to improving their physical functions.

Our Vision

We aim to create an environment where people can be healthy, using medical insights and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.

We deploy Japanese-originated technology globally, contributing to the improvement of health and medical standards worldwide.

About us

Why we focus on "Walking"

Walking on one's own feet not only engages muscles throughout the body but also stimulates brain functions and relieves stress, contributing to overall health.
Falls, fractures, and musculoskeletal disorders are responsible for approximately 25% of primary reasons for requiring care*1.

*1 Overview of the 2019 National Livelihood Basic Survey by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
'Proportion of the main reasons for requiring care by current care level'
Combined total for fractures, falls, joint disorders, and spinal cord injuries: 24.8%

Proportion of the main reasons for requiring care by current care level

Musculoskeletal diseases often lack definitive biomarkers *2, making differentiation between them a challenge, even for experts. However, since walking patterns can vary based on the type and severity of a disease, we have focused on the act of 'walking' and decided to develop a system designed to evaluate the possibility of a disease and assess one's health status.

*2 Refers to items or substances within the body that indicate the presence or absence of a particular disease, changes in the condition of a disease, or the effectiveness of treatment. This includes vital signs used in medical practice, biochemical tests, blood tests, tumor markers, and various other clinical test values, as well as imaging diagnostic data.

Our Member

Members with sharp personalities come together, becoming a powerful force to change the future of healthcare.

  • Yoshiyuki Kuwada
    Yoshiyuki Kuwada

    After graduation from the Graduate School of Engineering at Osaka University, he joined Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (now: AGC). Afterwards, at several consulting firms, he engaged in supporting the creation of new businesses and industries for government agencies, local governments, and private companies, as well as providing management reform assistance. Subsequently, he co-founded ayumo Inc. and assumed the position of Representative Director & CEO.

  • Yu Moriguchi
    Yu Moriguchi

    After graduating from Osaka University Faculty of Medicine, he worked in orthopedic clinical settings at institutions such as the International Cancer Center and Osaka Minami Medical Center. After completing his doctoral program at the same university, he served as a Spine Fellow at Weill Cornell Medicine / AO Spine North America in the United States. From 2022, he has been a specially appointed Associate professor at the Center for Global Health, Osaka University Hospital. He is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and holds a Doctor of Medicine degree

  • Junichi Kushioka
    Junichi Kushioka

    He graduated from Osaka University Faculty of Medicine and the Graduate School of Medicine. He is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and holds a Doctor of Medicine degree. After clinical work at Osaka University Hospital and other institutions, he became a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University School of Medicine, completed Stanford Ignite(Graduate School of Business), and is a Biodesign fellow at UCLA. He is a co-founder of ayumo Inc.

  • Yasuyoshi Takada
    Head of System
    Yasuyoshi Takada
  • Saeko Doi
    Head of Sales
    Saeko Doi
  • Satoru Tada
    Pharmaceutical Affairs Officer (Internal Medicine Physician)
    Satoru Tada
  • Noriko Takemura
    Technical Consultant
    Noriko Takemura
  • Hajime Nagahara
    Technical Consultant
    Hajime Nagahara
  • Koichi Sumida
    Financial Advisor
    Koichi Sumida
  • Yutaka Tomioka
    Pharmaceutical Affairs Advisor
    Yutaka Tomioka

Company Profile

Company Name ayumo Inc.
Representative CEO 
Yoshiyuki Kuwada
Address FUTRWORKS, Hankyu Grand Building 26F,
8-47 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City
Establishment June 27, 2023
Capital 6,000,000 yen
Contact info [at] ayumo.ai

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